Geophysical Surveys

Arts Geotech & Infra Consultants moves with the technologically advanced – DGPS, Electronic Total Stations, connected to high-end Computing Devices (like a Hewlett Packard’s Palmtop, PCs), for conducting surveys and processing results. The use of this technology ensures. 

  1. Precise and highly accurate results (An accuracy of 5mm in 1Km double run, i.e. 1: 200000 on map).
  2. Readings in x, y, and z co-ordinates
  3. Computing Horizontal Distances
  4. Computing Slope Distances
  5. Computing Vertical Distances
  6. Replaces Manual reading and collection of data (Minimal Parallax error)
  7. Does away with the drudgery of paper work
  8. Cuts down on Survey time / field work / Plotting.