Arts Geotech & Infra Consultants providing more services to it’s valuable clients, has expanded and opened Geo – Technical consultancy in addition to the Civil Works. Our Geo – Technical Consultancy provides the following:

  • On site soil exploration - site investigations, soil & rock drilling, soil boring, collection of UDS, DS samples & conducting SPT etc. on site.
  • Special tests on site - Dynamic cone penetration test, Static Cone Penetrometer test, Plate load test, Pressure meter test, Block vibration test. Permeability & Percolation test etc..
  • Laboratory Testing - All tests required for determining soil Parameters.
  • Design Consultancy - Consultancy is provided for designing suitable Foundations required for given structure. A Detailed report prepared using special Software for computation of soil parameters giving all details, data & graphical representation is provided for given project.
  • Equipment Strength - We are fully equipped for ground explorations Up to a depth of 60m in soil and rock. Desired number of units can be provided as when required for the work.

It has already achieved completion of about Rupees Four Crore job in above said companies and further is being called for taking up more & more jobs of higher magnitude.